Lenovo ThinkPad T460 won't boot

I was given a Lenovo laptop that was used in a hospital setting. I put a new hard drive in it. So the laptop boots just fine with a live USB drive. The installer sees the new hard drive, manjaro installs just fine. The problem is that the laptop will not boot up into Linux. Can anyone offer some suggestions on how to fix this.

download the manual of the thinkpad and check the bios-settings before installing.

secure boot disabled in bios
fast boot disabled in bios - you may not have this option
AHCI enabled in bios

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With the old drive installed I did get access to the bios and I turned off secure boot. I don’t know about fast boot. As it is now the bios is password protected. I’m thinking about getting a flash drive setup as a bootable image and then have it see the SSD drive I installed. The live boot USB does not see the SSD even though the installer sees it.

Because the laptop was used in a medical setting it bios password protected.

READ THE MANUAL ! Almost every Laptop ownes a procedure to reset to factory values !!!