Lenovo Thinkpad Intel CPU Throttling


Nach einer neuen Installation von Manjaro hab ich den “Fix Intel CPU Throttling on Linux” für mein T480s ausprobiert, doch leider zeigt systemctl folgendes an: lenovo_fix.service failed.
Was kann getan werden um das Problem zubeheben?

sudo pacman -S yaourt
export VISUAL=“nano” >> ~/.bashrc
yaourt -S lenovo-throttling-fix-git
sudo systemctl enable --now lenovo_fix.service


Lenovo (T480 / T480s / X1C6) throttling.. and fix?

Which kernel is the ACTIVE?
if you have kernel 4.15.y or kernel 4.16, they are EOL

Has this patch been checked to see if it is already in kernel X.Y.z?


Actually right after installation the active kernel is 4.14.
Which kernel would you recommend?
The kernel of Arch is 4.17 and after testing this kernel it is throttling during boot.


Then you could have broken something now, the one with the LTS kernel
come with all current patch and drivers

Not a good idea
You are free to test the Manjaro Kernel 4.17.y, but also CAUTION
Check in advance


I guess not because it is throttling out of the box. It is a known issue of the device:

So the question is just how to install the fix right.


Das AUR Paket ist nicht up-to-date.

Du kannst manuell das mmio.py downloaden:

sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/erpalma/lenovo-throttling-fix/master/mmio.py -P /usr/lib/

There were some changes that have not yet been added to the AUR package.
You can fix it by manually downloading the mmio.py file:

sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/erpalma/lenovo-throttling-fix/master/mmio.py -P /usr/lib/


Danke für den Hinweis, doch leider weiß ich nicht genau was nach dem Download gemacht werden muss. In der mmio.py oder in der install.sh finde ich kein “from mmio import MMIO” Eintrag.
Wenn ich das script versuche zu nutzen scheitert es wohl an PyGObject.

Thanks for the hint, but I don’t know what to do after the download. In mmio.py or in the install.sh isn’t an “from mmio import MMIO” entry.
When I try to use the install.sh script PyGObject fails.


Not sure what you did there.

Just install the package with yaourt.

yaourt -S lenovo-throttling-fix-git

And then download the additional mmio.py.

sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/erpalma/lenovo-throttling-fix/master/mmio.py -P /usr/lib/

Afterwards the service should be starting up:

sudo systemctl start lenovo_fix.service

Check with:
sudo systemctl status lenovo_fix.service


Thanks for your patience.
Okay I installed Manjaro and the fix again and now it seems to work.
Systemctl is active but at boot it doesn’t change.
Is that okay or do I have something else?


Yepp it is ok. You’ll still see those messages during boot since the service it not yet running at that time.


Just noticed you need to enable the service as well (if not already done). The installer does not seem to do this automatically.

sudo systemctl enable lenovo_fix.service


Thanks it does work now.

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