Lenovo T14 AMD Gen1 restart when lifted on the front left edge

Hi everybody,

Sporadic my laptop restarts if I lift and take it up on the front left edge. (once in two weeks)
First the dispay goes black, the power button light stays on. After 20s it reboots.
The dmesg log shows no error or shutdown. The is nothing in the log between the last startup, normal information and a second kernel boot line.
Any suggestions:
Where I can search for other logs?
May it is a hardware error. Has Manjaro something like a brown out detection?

The lenovo support tells me to use Windows, but this is not an option.

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It most definitely must be. Possibly a momentary disconnect from the battery, followed by a cold reboot when it reconnects again. I have a smartphone like that. It’s a nuissance.

See if you can get access to the battery, and if so, check whether it has any “wiggle room”. If it does ─ it might just be a teeny-tiny bit ─ put some tape or some paper on the inside of the cavity to keep the battery in place more tightly.

As for logs, it is not possible for the system to log a complete power outage when it occurs. The best it can do is tell you when the system lost power and when it booted up again, based upon the hardware clock.

Thanks for the fast reply and for the welcome to this forum.
The laptop is still under warranty. I just want to eliminate an software error.

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It would be rather difficult to blame the software for an error caused by the spatial reorientation of a laptop. :wink:


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