Lenovo Legion Pro 7 16ARX8H - Intermittent sound from speakers

I have intermittent sound from my speakers. Its probably a hardware problem as its a Lenovo.

The quirks have only recently been added to allow the speakers to work and they do but they stop after a few minutes if i open another window or click a notification.

However, if i open a video in vlc before they have stopped it will play fine for half an hour.

When they have stopped I can bring it back by setting my laptop to sleep and waking it up again.

They have stopped in the time its taken to type this out.

I’ve attached paste bins for alsa-info.sh with the sound working and one without.

Im not expecting a lot here but would like some ideas if anyone could help.

Thanks Brynn

ALSA data shows system is Lenovo Legion Pro 7 16ARX8H
This laptop has been patched in recent kernels (6.8.10 and 6.9.0) to get the TAS2781 smart amplifier working correctly

patch_realtek.c - sound/pci/hda/patch_realtek.c - Linux source code (v6.8.10) - Bootlin

/* Another hilarious PCI SSID conflict with Lenovo Legion Pro 7 16ARX8H (with
 * TAS2781 codec) and Legion 7i 16IAX7 (with CS35L41 codec);
 * we apply a corresponding fixup depending on the codec SSID instead
static void alc287_fixup_lenovo_legion_7(struct hda_codec *codec,
					 const struct hda_fixup *fix,
					 int action)
	int id;

	if (codec->core.subsystem_id == 0x17aa38a8)
		id = ALC287_FIXUP_TAS2781_I2C; /* Legion Pro 7 16ARX8H */
		id = ALC287_FIXUP_CS35L41_I2C_2; /* Legion 7i 16IAX7 */
	__snd_hda_apply_fixup(codec, id, action, 0);

6.8.10 is only available on Unstable and Testing branches at the moment (likely to be released in the next update) Kernel 6.9.0 is available on stable branch now, The patch should also be back-ported to Long Term Support kernels (6.6, 6.1 etc) in the next few weeks