Lenovo Ideapad 100S - Any Experience?

Trying to install Manjaro 32bit to the 100S. (wiping windows) What a pain. After searching I find it needs 32bit not 64. I've got the 32bit live usb working.

When I boot the 100S to the bios I see the live usb. But when I click on it the system freezes & that's as far as I get.

Anyone had any experience installing linux to this monster? :hot_face:

Thanks for that @tux. Will check it out.

Seems I was a bit too impatient. After reading all the horror stories with this thing I was defeated before I started.
I booted to the usb again, clicked on it & left it there. Came back a few minutes later & the screen was blank. Left it another few minutes & the manjaro live session showed up. Installing now. :grinning:

Won't mark it as solved yet. Will see how it goes.

All installed & updating now. That was so easy after reading of all those having problems putting linux on this.
So use Manjaro 32bit. Boot the live usb. WAIT when you click on it. It is slow but will continue. That's about it.

@tux That was one of those horror stories. All that was needed was the 32bit manjaro. Thanks still. :wink:

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Have you given nomodeset and adding 3 To the end of your Linux boot parameters when you press e during bootup?

Also, give that bad boy as much air as possible and if you haven't already done it in the recent past consider giving the interior a breath of fresh air. It's not the most coherent first fix but laptops can't get much flow as it is with tinier fans pushing. Dust or any other hindering factor will make you feel locked up from throttling I'd imagine

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