Lenovo Bluetooth mouse keys 4 & 5 assigned to volume control, can't find a way to change that

I have recently bought a new Lenovo Bleutooth mouse in order to have thumb buttons that I want to use for gaming.

However, the two thumb buttons behave like the volume control keyboard keys… And I can’t figure out how to change that :tired_face:

I tried following the Arch wiki and use xbindkeys and the xev utility. But even xev doesn’t see the button 4 & 5 clicks: the system thinks I’m changing the volume and it doesn’t even trigger xev… The command I used is:

xev -event button | grep button

Same story when trying to assign keybindings in-game: clicking them triggers volume changes and I can’t assign them.
Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

EDIT: Many thanks to @DeLinuxCo for the solution provided (see below).

First you have to specify if you are using Wayland or not, if you are, here is a link to get you started. https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/326373/configure-extra-mouse-button-as-a-second-middle-click-under-wayland/587975#587975

Since you are running Plasma, I recommend you stick with Wayland if you can, it will/is the future.


I’ve always used X11 and never Wayland, is there a way to do this with it?

What mouse is it? Do you have a link? Is it programmable?

Try this:

xev -event keyboard -event button

# or this

You can also check with evtest, you may need sudo (at least on wayland). Another option is libinput debug-events


input-remapper (AUR) should work in X11

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