Lenovo Arm-Based laptops

Hi, I am wondering, is this 'arm' distribution exclusive to single board machines, or can it be used in a Lenovo arm based system? Can you please clarify? I don't have a system handy to test, but my plan is to get one of the Lenovo Yoga's and install Manajaro KDE . I am thinking the arm version should work. Am I wrong?

It is for ARM based SBC as well as Laptop(PineBook & PineBook Pro (Coming soon)), But the commercial ARM laptops like Lenovo Yoga's need specific configuration for it to work depending on their Chipsets. Commercial ARM Laptops dont share their device tree publicly and they don't have any contribution to linux kernel, which makes it hard for developers to make a stable Linux OS for such devices.

This will not work out of the box.

You should check Arch Linux, They try to get Arch Linux support for such Laptops. but again they're placed over the default android linux kernel.
You can check here if the laptop you're looking to buy have support on Arch Linux Platforms or not.

Also you can order PineBook Pro which is an ARM Based Laptop. And Manjaro team plans to have full support for this Laptop.

You will be able to order this laptop from 5th November.

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Thank you. I won't deal with IBM/Lenovo then. I like the pinebook idea much better.

And yes pine64 is much better as it is community driven entity with minimal profit.

Do buy it on the 5th of November, as they get sold out very fast.


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