Legion 5 wifi card

manjaro does not recognise the legion 5 wifi card. i am looking for a temp usb dongle pref a ax card . eventually the kernal will get updated drivers.

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Pls post the output of the following command:

inxi -Fazy --filter

Sry to say i reinstalled my win drive till if find a usb wifi dongle, i might be able to type that out from the live idnviroment i will see if i can. i am not sure how to report the results copy paste wont work.

BTW The net card m.2 in my laptop is RTL8852AE it’s a wifi6 card.

It looks like i can buy an intel 200ax m.2 wifi/bluetooth card does manjaro support this intel card ?

Yeah, that was a similar desperation solution I was thinking of when my new Lenovo Legion 5 Plus was faced with the same problem. A series of posts by @moson was a great help to me in fixing it.

Here’s the procedure that worked for me:

With Ethernet connected, start pamac, the utility to install software, search for these packages (they will all be in AUR):


They should all be there. Install each of them in sequence (you might be able to check them all and apply the install at once, but I did each install individually in sequence)

Following the installs, do a full shutdown; boot (with Ethernet still attached); you should now see both the wired and wireless up and running; disconnect the Ethernet to test the wireless; the wireless should be working (you will, of course, have to log in to your router with your wireless password)!

Hope that helps.

Not a big deal … install the proper packages for the finnicky realtek card. They are available in the AUR (and managed through DKMS)… you can do this off or online. though easiest if you use ethernet or some other type of connection. Pretty common for ‘weird’ cards … especially certain realtek and broadcoms.
Honestly one of the biggest snags when looking at something like a linux laptop is what wireless card it has… deal breaker for me. Though most can be made to work these days - just with varying degrees of difficulty.
At the risk of being flogged I will mention that I have had generally good experiences with intel cards :woman_shrugging:
(probably something about that more-generally-open-source thing)