LeftWM tiling window manager, how does one change the wallpaper?

Hello everyone

I am new to Manjaro and Linux in general.

I have installed LeftWM, and all is working great so far, but I am really confused with changing wallpapers.

The LeftWM docs do not mention how to do this, I suspect because that isn’t LeftWM’s job or function.

This is fair enough, but as someone that has now switched to LeftWM, can someone please tell me how I would go about changing the wallpaper? I did try googling for “change wallpaper when leftwm is installed” …etc but got no actionable resulsts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Look at the themes folder and the up file

#set background
if [ -x "$(command -v feh)" ]; then
  feh --bg-scale $SCRIPTPATH/background.jpg

Maybe some custom thems

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Thank you @linux-aarhus, is that how things usually go with tile managers? I mean do I always have to go via typed-out config to change my wallpaper?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually mind, I was just wondering if there was some other popular utility that arch-based Linux users used to set wallpapers.

A window manager - either tiling or stacking - will always require more of the user than a full blown desktop.

But once you get the hang of it - it hard to let go.

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Makes sense, thanks @linux-aarhus.

I looked into ls -lah ~/.config/leftwm/themes/basic_ploly and noticed a file named background.jpg. I replaced that with my own image (gave it the same name) and restarted my machine, but the wallpaper hasn’t updated.

Is there more I must do?

I figured it out.

In my up file, I had the following:

 if [ -x "$(command -v feh)" ]; then

The problem is, I did not have feh installed. So I change that line to:

 if [ -x "$(command -v sxiv)" ]; then

And now my wallpaper is set.

Many thanks

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