Ledger Live went missing from the start menu

That’s why.

The symlink is pointing to a non-existent file.

It should point to this:


However, it’s currently (incorrectly) pointing to:


You can manually remove and re-link it properly, however, this might be overwritten in the next update of the PKGBUILD.

sudo rm /usr/share/applications/ledger-live-desktop.desktop

sudo ln -s /opt/ledger-live/ledger-live-desktop.desktop /usr/share/applications/ledger-live-desktop.desktop

Why are you doing that? @oberon added it to the repos almost three years ago. :wink:

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I thought the -bin moniker was reserved for the AUR?

Otherwise, official packages remove it.

Normally, that is the case.

Reinstalled the package, the problem still persists.

this is the link that is created during installation:

ls -al /usr/share/applications/ledger-live-desktop.desktop 
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 33 Dec 12 16:10 /usr/share/applications/ledger-live-desktop.desktop -> /opt//ledger-live-desktop.desktop

It points to a wrong (non-existent) location -
which uses the appimage to build the package
contains an error.

sudo rm /usr/share/applications/ledger-live-desktop.desktop

will remove the faulty link

sudo ln -s /opt/ledger-live-desktop/ledger-live-desktop.desktop /usr/share/applications/ledger-live-desktop.desktop

will create the correct link

Then the desktop entry is present, and the program works as well, as far as I could tell.

I’ll just mention @Yochanan and @oberon to make sure they see this


these two lines in the PKGBUILD - rather the second one
currently look like this:

install -d "${pkgdir}/usr/share/applications"   
ln -s "/opt/${_pkgname}/${_pkgbin}.desktop" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/applications/"

they should look like this:

install -d "${pkgdir}/usr/share/applications"   
ln -s "/opt/${_pkgname}/${_pkgbin}.desktop" "/usr/share/applications/${_pkgbin}.desktop"

not tested!

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did that and it worked! Thank you for your patience!

Should I report the bug to the package maintainers somehow?


You probably want "${pkgdir}" infront of /usr....

That variable - I only see it being used, but not defined anywhere.
That could be another reason for the wrong link.
I do not understand it well enough - not tested, as I said.
and I will not test it …


All of the above variables such as $pkgname and $pkgver are available for use in the packaging functions. In addition, makepkg defines the following variables:


This contains the directory where makepkg extracts, or copies, all source files.

All of the packaging functions defined above are run starting inside $srcdir


This contains the directory where makepkg bundles the installed package. This directory will become the root directory of your built package. This variable should only be used in the package() function.

No, they should look like this. :wink:

I corrected the typo and removed the unnecessary variable with 2.50.1-2.

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