Ledger Live Needs an Update in the Official Repository

The latest verse of the Ledger Live crypto wallet desktop software is available in AUR, but seems to have configuration issues because there is a conflict between two AUR alternatives. I’m wondering what can be done to update the existing version in the Official Repository? Is there a way of reporting a package needing an update?

First you should check if it’s already in one of the other branches, by checking it on manjaro.org/branch-compare.

If it’s not, then it’s probably not updated in Arch either, so you should check archlinux.org/packages for it and mark it out of date there.


Thanks, @Strit. The package is not updated in any of the branches. The AUR version is more recent, but there is a package conflict the prevents installation. I’ll continue to wait.

One more quick question, @Strit , what if the package isn’t listed anywhere in archlinux.org/packages?

If it’s not an Arch package, then it may have been imported from the AUR.

I’ve let @oberon know about the conflicts and lack of them, by the way.

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Thank you, @Yochanan. And thank you, @oberon for updating the repository. I applied the update this morning!

I was just prompted that an update is available to the Ledger Live app. I believe this is being imported somehow from the AUR binary. Can this be done again so that the latest version can be updated via add/remove software?

@oberon :point_up:

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Hi, @oberon I just noticed that the official repository was updated, but with an older version! I think the latest is 2.25.1.

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