Led of HDD is ON

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I use Manjaro Gnome edition for over 1.5 years and I updated it last version, from last week I do not know what happen, I use Manjaro on desktop PC, I install Mnajro on 0n TB HDD and I also have SSD for windows, over this 1.5 years I always use Manjaro.
From last week Led of HDD on my PC is on and it is RED, I do not know what happen?
How I can check this?

This is an indicator that your drive/drives is/are constantly being read from or written to. A decent activity manager should be able to show you the I/O taking place, and the processes responsible.

Maybe you have a file indexer running, or maybe your system is constantly swapping. But bear in mind however that it could just as easily be a hardware defect.

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How I can test this by command line?

htop should be able to tell you. I has an “I/O” tab.

Okay, so that seems to point at chrome, which is an AUR package. It could be chrome itself, or one of the extensions you’ve installed into it.

As an alternative, you could try chromium from the official Manjaro repositories. It lacks some of the features of the proprietary version, but it works very well. :man_shrugging:

there also is /usr/lib/tracker-miner-fs-3 above that - the file indexer process

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Good observation — I had completely missed that because of the turquoise highlight bar. :man_facepalming:

And it’s reading at 67 MiB/sec. So no wonder the drive light stays on. But that’s only a temporary process, right? Doesn’t it move out of the way once it has finished indexing? :thinking:

It will probably stay, but not use that much resources after the indexing is done.
I have seen people having problems with it.
Sometimes it seems to choke on some file for some reason.
Maybe a good idea to kill that process, delete the index database and start over.
Or just wait for it to finish.

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AFAIK that is Gnomes indexer. So it’s only (supposedly) temporary.

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How to delete index databases and start over?
I kill this process and right now Led is off.

this is located in

The whole ~/.cache directory can be deleted without lasting consequence

(~/.cache is the same as /home/your_username/.cache)

Link to documentation:


Behavior is configured in System Settings → Search

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