Layout Switcher - could this be the future ?

the game changer, the shifting paradigm ?

and i mean, could this replace desktop environments and window managers, as the default choice of users? if every distro would have this option - similar to what Deepin, Sparky, Zorin and others offer.

should this be implemented in Manjaro too, by default?


You mean something like this?

It's a script that changes things that are already within a DE that you could already change yourself.

yes, something like that, last post was more then 2 weeks ago so idk about the current development

i wanted this for a long time, but was not sure how to go about it, i looked at sparkylinux desktop installer (picture below) but that is not it, because it would require me to build a few DEs from the ground up, so a layout switcher makes more sense

was wondering what are everyone's thoughts about this, could it be the next step of customization?

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