Launch Virtualbox with old kernel

I have two kernels installed 5.7 and 5.8, and I have a laptop without any virtualization technology supported (dual cores old cpus), so the only way to use virtualbox is to use the 6.0 version which is no more supported after July/2020.
With kernel 5.8 virtualbox 6.0 cannot be used due to lack of support and give an error while building module or launching, but with 5.7 it works perfectly.
error: ‘cpu_tlbstate’ undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean ‘cpuhp_state’?

What I want to do is boot my machine with 5.8 but when building/launching virtualbox to use 5.7 kernel modules ? Is it possible with Manjaro/Linux ?

The booted kernel needs the matching kernel modules.

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Have a look here:

and here

linux58-extramodules has a patch which could cause your problem: fixes_for_changes_in_cpu_tlbstate.patch

Unfortunately you have to modfiy the PKGBUILD and compile it yourself.

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This fix targets only 6.1 which is not what I want.