Latte panel transparency is gone

I’ve done this already, read above.

I have also no idea how to do this… I’ll wait for an update hoping that this gets solved at any time.

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I noticed, that lately my upper panel transparency is disappearing.

Basically, everything is fine after starup and at some point, I minimize window and see that upper panel is not getting transparency. The dock below still has it, so it looks, the one instance is somehow misconfigured and creating issues, or certain set of setting is causing this issue.

Maybe this is the same for you but more extreme?

Yeah, maybe. But in your case, bad behaviour begins after a while and doesn’t seem to get ever fixed. For me, bad behaviour has become the “initial-state behaviour” and, after moving the panel, it behaves as expected (no matter how long I’m logged). That is why I’m suspecting that the duo Latte/Manjaro is not loading something properly during the log in…