Latte on Virtual Desktop 1, Taskbar on Virtual Desktop 2

Hello, as I tried top explain in the title. I want to show Latte on just at VD1 and in VD2 I want to use taskbar. Is that possible?

Latte-Dock has layouts that can be distinct/custom only on different Screens and Activities. Works by the same principle as the widgets.

Hmmm can you provide me a link please?

a link

You cannot have a Plasma panel showing on one virtual desktop and not on another virtual desktop. You cannot even have that across different Plasma activities ─ Plasma simply does not support this.

As for Latte Dock, that is technically a Plasmoid, so it may ─ see the link provided by @bogdancovaciu ─ support running only in one Plasma activity, but then the same applies as for Plasma panels, i.e. you cannot have different layouts across different virtual desktops.

Note: What you call a task bar is not “a task bar” in Plasma. It is a panel, and the task bar is only a widget that sits on the panel, but that can be removed and/or replaced by either a different task bar ─ there’s a traditional one and there’s an icons-only one ─ or a window list button.