Latte Dock options on "edit Dock" dont work

can some1 explain me y i cant edit the options like “zoom to hover” or background “opacity” in latte dock it worked before and since yesterday it was just reset

Close Latte and run it from command line with latte-dock -d and observe the errors when you try to edit those options.

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1 community/latte-dock 0.10.6-1 [0B 6.22MiB] [Installed]

Try again - after updates sometimes stuff needs a quick reinstall/rebuild. Working fine on my desktop - though I do have one ‘refresh’ button which kills LINE.exe, WINE, and does ‘latte-dock -r’ to close and restart it because otherwise I can end up with multiple ‘LINE’ icons lined up.
If that fails, then move the .config/latte folder (mv to latte.BAK) and start fresh.