Latte dock not saving changes

Hey guys,

I have an issue with Latte dock. The problem is that every time I start my PC some icons disappear, others appear in my dock, and others appear on my desktop screen. I delete the ones that I don’t need and add the ones I need, but every time I start my PC it happens again.

Do you have any advice? I’d appreciate the help.


Usually some settings are not kept when you start the Desktop Session with Restore last session or with Restore last manually saved session enabled in Settings … Did you checked that?


Just as an FYI… :arrow_down:

Lets not post that every time some one has a question about Latte. That said I’m with bogancovaciu about some setting not being right. I’ve had it happen a few times over the years and I just played around til I found what was causing it. I can tell you that most likely it is not Latte but rather something in Plasma itself that is rolling back some of your settings. As for the settings in Desktop Session in System Settings I suggest Confirm logout checked, Default leave option End current session, When logging in Restore last session.

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