Latte-dock is segfaulting often after update

I already made an issue on 456066 – Latte Dock has issues starting on boot and segfaults often when trying to restart

It seems to be related to qtdeclarative. Any idea why this is happening?

Latte developer actually said Manjaro does a good job holding back stuff - on Plasma 5.24 there aren’t any problems (for me, at least), but if you upgraded to 5.25 you need to give him time to fix the bugs.

In your post, the bug reported is for plasma 5.25 (and that means it’s only an issue for bleeding edge testing users… not for Manjaro Stable :wink: )

Meanwhile, consider GIT as a temporary solution.

I always build latte via git. I also tried the one from the official repo as well, but that has the same issue. So I am assuming some dependency broke.

I just switched back to the stable branch. I never had problems with the unstable branch until now, but the KDE packages can’t be downgraded. Guess I will just have to wait.

Yes, I could downgrade to Plasma 5.24 and the issue is gone

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