Latex problem on browser(s)

When using codeforces, today normally rendered texts didnt rendered. Any ideas to fix?
I cant add photo so Im copy pasting here for sample:

Monocarp had a sequence $$$a$$$ consisting of $$$n + m$$$ integers $$$a_1, a_2, \dots, a_{n + m}$$$. He painted the elements into two colors, red and blue; $$$n$$$ elements were painted red, all other $$$m$$$ elements were painted blue.

If the writing above me rendered in your browser the $$ signs doesnt render in proper way.

I don’t know about codeforces but in LaTeX/MathJax, there shouldn’t be three $ (dollar) signs. One sign would give inline math and two signs would give display math.

I think three dolar signs are combination of these, probably same as what discord does: one * is italic and ** is bold *** is italic bold

Where I can found the Latex documentation of Codeforces? - Codeforces This has a link to Maths Stack Exchange MathJax reference MathJax uses either a single $ sign or double $ signs.

Something fishy… But anyways, how can I update the mathjax?

You can’t. I don’t know what CodeForces is but it seems like a website, so only their administrators can fix this.

(Or you have blocked access to MathJax, maybe you installed an adblock/privacy addon in your browser? Or using another way of blocking third-party content? Or maybe you live in a country where access to the cdn is blocked?)

Not about adblocker, it is broke on the chromium too (which is my second browser).