Latest upgrades had dependancy issue that broke some kernels

Ran upgrades which were almost all python stuff if I remember rightly. On rebooting I got 3 lines of

failed to start load kernel modules

than nothing. Kernel being run was 5.16rc4. Tried kernel 5.15.7-1same result. Tried 5.15.7_rt23 and that works.
Is there a python bug or did something not install correctly? I got no error messages after upgrading. Maybe related or something else but terminator is not working and starting it in konsole gives me

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'psutil'

python-psutil 5.8.0 is installed. Could there be a missing symlink?

Just a long shot, but what is your output of:

pip3 list --outdated  

It was not a python issue. Had an unresolved dependency issue that I decided to choose skip update. Reasoning was that a dependency was not available yet which does happen. Unfortunately it had a cascading effect that affected a few other critical updates that did not show as a result.
pacman -Syyuu fixed the problem as the affected kernels were properly installed this time (fingers crossed). Also terminator is now running fine.
Good reason to keep multiple kernels around and am learning how pacman can get you out of jams you place yourself in.

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