Latest update to KDE Plasma 6 » various problems with window sizes, 2nd monitor etc

Hello & good morning.

My name is Chris (from Germany), I’m using Manjaro KDE for over three years now (before that I used ArcoLinux Xfce for ca. one year). My system primarly is a mobile creative machine which I use to compose/produce music (DAW = REAPER), graphics (GIMP², Inkscape) and videos (Kdenlive).

Until last week I had not one (NOT ONE!) problem with my Linux/Manjaro system in ca. three years; which simply was incredible (it works extremely good with older HP Elitebooks like the 2570p, 8470p, Zbook G3 Xeon CPU / Quadro GPU » my personal experience). Everything worked fined, but after an unnecessary (in my case) and also uninformed update to Plasma 6 my experience isn’t as flawless anymore.

  • windows sizes (in Kdenlive, wallpaper-manager in Manjaro) partly aren’t saved by the system anymore, I have to resize them everytime I open them up (in the case of kdenlive it is a pain in the a** and disturbs the workflow).

  • I use two displays (notebook display + external monitor) for a better workflow, after the update to Plasma 6 my desktop-taskbar on my main system display (= notebook) disappears when a I turn off my secondary/big HP monitor. I have to restart my HP notebook to get the main taskbar “back”.

  • SDDM (I use “Sugar Candy”) is no able to use/load the language pack and at first also did not work properly. I don’t truly care about the language of my system, but it seems to be a bug …

  • and (as some stated before me) some of my widgets do not work anymore and have to be replaced. Which is not a big deal at all; it is what it is …

All in all this is not what somebody - who was perfectly satisfied with his system for years - expects. I never asked for a Plasma 6 update, had no problems with my system, loved my custom desktop design/setup and now for no reason have to change certain things and live with this or that bug.

I’m very thankful (after 20 years of „torture“ with Eugenics-BGates-Windows … private, studies, work) that Arch/Arco/Manjaro/etc. exist. But sometimes an user should be ASKED explicitly if he wants/needs a (premature) update or not.

Thank you, best regards (from Germany)
Chris K. | CPloVe

Good to know that you have a good experience with Manjaro Linux - despite the rolling nature :slight_smile:

A lot changed with Plasma 6 most notably qt5 → qt6 and the switch to Wayland as default.

And those changes has caught a lot by surprise - I give you that - but Plasma 5 is history - now is Plasma 6 - that is just how it is.

I remember the reactions when Microsoft removed the Start button in favor of tiles - what an uproar.

Well - I can understand that getting your workflow interrupted is frustrating - I get it - I really do.

But the update was not forced onto your system, nor was it an automated update which interrupted your life - it was offered by Manjaro as part of the rolling release model.

The update was offered to you - there is no other way.

So you accepted the offer and updated your system with the packages and now you are frustrated because your life has been interupted.

What can I say … the Plasma 6 hype has been ongoing for a long time - alpha release last year around september - if I recall correct - and the stable branch of Manjaro was withheld until May 13. - a 8 week period - aproximately 4 times the normal duration for a snap from testing to stable.

Perhaps Kubuntu is better suited to your workflow :man_shrugging: - being a rolling a release - at some point the packages must arrive.

That said - I am sincerely sorry on your behalf - that Manajro Linux had to push an updated set of packages and thus disrupting your daily life - I cannot promise you that it won’t happen again at some point.

If you would like to be more in charge - you could create your own private mirror and thus update at your pace - you can learn how to do that by reading [root tip] [How To] Create and use a portable Manjaro mirror


as @linux-aarhus already explained, manjaro was holding back this major update as long as possible because all knew that this switch from qt5 to qt6 and the use of wayland as dedicated platform will cause a lot of trouble and fails and it was announced and discussed for quite a time. everybody was able to be informed. manjaro is a rolling release and everyone using it must be prepared that you’re not a simple user but moreover a kind of produkttester.