Latest update of Manjaro deleted apps gnome control center

After update my Manjaro to the latest version i lost entrance to Menu with options (account parameters, video, audio etc). What went wrong? How can i get it back?

And else - i cant to open context menu when click on the desktop second button of mouse. This deleted too after update.

Suddenly i understood! Latest update of Manjaro deleted apps gnome control center. Why? I dont know…

I installed again this apps manually.

As Gnome 40 is hardly a month away - may be they are gradually removing the apps which would be incompatible with Gnome 40 (one hypothesis).

Not without your help it didn’t. :wink:

Check your pacman log:

gedit /var/log/pacman.log

Now use Ctrl + F and search for removed gnome-control-center. You’ll want to browse around that entry corresponding to the most recent update to see exactly what happened.

Nope. GNOME 40 development packages are in the gnome-next group and are not yet stable. When it’s released, existing packages will be upgraded.


I did what you said and captured screenshot.
What does it means?!

![](<a href="h

It’s hard to tell what it means when you upload a tiny thumbnail that’s blurry when zoomed in.

Upload it to a pastebin service and link it here.

You removed a lot more than gnome-control-center, good grief. That did not happen on it’s own. I don’t know what you did.