Latest update cant install aka clap-host issue

Hello i tried to do the latest December update and before that can even begin i ran into a dependency issue where clap-host has two repos it can install from and they are “Qtractor” and “Reaper” the default being Qtractor.

I selected the default aka Qtractor and then a dependency error showed…

installing DB 6.2.32-1 breaks dependency of DB=5.3.28 required by lib32-db

I get that same error if i pick the Reaper repo as well so how do i get around this so i can update and what is clap-host anyway?

Thanks for your time…

User-added repositories are not officially supported.

Why not use the package from AUR?
It is no more officially supported either, but at least it is a more common source…

Since it’s not in the main repositories, and you don’t seem to use it, you could remove it…

As far as i can tell Qtractor and Reaper are both in the community repos… I don’t use either one so they are not installed.

Also there is no clap-host installed to uninstall it looks to me like its about to be installed in the Dec update and that is causing an issue with the DB versions…

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You mean clap-host has two packages that provide it. :wink:

Problem solved.


Yes this can be closed now this post thanks for the help…

I uninstalled zam–plugins that was the issue as far as clap-host goes however trying to update after that got rid of the clap-host and the Qtracktor and Reaper showing up by removing zam-plugins however the DB version issue still remained after some more hunting i found a post on that and like the post said i removed the lib32-db and then after that i was able to do a full update and so the machine has booted and everything so far seems to work, audio is fine as well and so the removal of the zam-plugins hasn’t effected anything i can see yet youtube , VLC still have audio… Note if you use pulseeffects the removal of zam-plugins maybe an issue but i’m not sure on that.

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