Latest Update breaks login


Hello there Manjaro-Arm team.
The latest update broke my system login for some reason.
Using a Pi3 with LightDM as my login manager; had auto-login set up since it’s all headless, but after installing the latest update, now I’m not able to login and the screen goes back and forth between the login screen and a black screen.

Tried to TTY into a terminal but not able to do so.
Any help would be welcomed :slight_smile:


You should always be able to do this.
CTRL+ALT+F3 not working?


Was able to get into a TTY, painfully waiting between flickers but was able to stop LightDM from the terminal.

Upon close inspection it seems my .Xauthority file got deleted somehow, but after logging in via console it got created again.

Rebooted and everything went back to normal.
Thanks for the help!

Will keep you posted if it happens again :smiley: