Latest update borked system

Hi, running Manjaro Pahvo Unstatable Branch, Kernel 5.16.8-1.

Ran a paru update, where it showed following available packages:
archlinux-appstream-data-20220211-1 deja-dup-42.9-1
evolution-data-server-3.42.4-2 flatpak-1.12.5-1
gdm-plymouth-41.3-4 gjs-2:1.70.1-2 glib2-2.70.4-1
gnome-shell-extension-arcmenu-23-1 gnome-user-docs-41.2-1
gtk-update-icon-cache-1:4.6.1-2 gtk3-1:3.24.31-3 gtk4-1:4.6.1-2
harfbuzz-3.4.0-1 harfbuzz-icu-3.4.0-1 imagemagick-
libadwaita-1:1.0.2-1 libarchive-3.6.0-1 libgdm-plymouth-41.3-4
libmm-glib-1.18.6-1 libqmi-1.30.4-1 libsigc+±2.10.8-1
libspectre-0.2.10-1 libwacom-2.1.0-1 linux515-5.15.23-1
linux516-5.16.9-1 manjaro-gnome-extension-settings-20220211-1
modemmanager-1.18.6-1 opus-1.3.1-3 plymouth-22.02.122-4
python-setuptools-1:59.2.0-1 qt5-base-5.15.2+kde+r297-2
signal-desktop-5.31.1-1 squashfs-tools-4.5-2

The update borked my system with below error showing up on boot.

I have rolled back to yesterday’s Timeshift backup and everything is fine, but wanted to know if this upgrade issue is something that is universal or specific to me.

Thanks for your help!

Check the Unstable announcement thread I guess.

Thanks. Checked. Nothing there.

No you didn’t check as the last messages are exactly your issue what are you talking about?

I can’t find it. If you can help further, please paste the link here. Else thanks for your attempt to educate me.

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Thank you @ishaan2479 for helping out! The title of the thread was " [2021-12-13 - Python 3.10 Rebuilds]" and I was looking for something more recent dated yesterday/today - didn’t realise it might be buried in the comments.

@omano Admittedly you are smarter than me and super creative with emoji reactions - but perhaps try a little more helpfulness and a little less condescension. Wish you the best.

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Come on I literally told you where to look, twice. That has nothing to do with being smarter, you just had to look.


I know you did. And I shared I still couldn’t find it. Only you know if you were trying to help, or trying to teach me a lesson. My worldview and life experience has taught me that it is always better to be the former. May you be well.

Just to understand my point of view. You run the Unstable branch of Manjaro, which is more oriented to devs and people with good knowledge of troubleshooting who catch issues in the daily updates received from Arch, and so on. I was expecting you to read the recent messages of the opened Unstable thread, that’s all, nothing more to extrapolate.

//EDIT: on a side note, reporting your issues on Unstable branch in the opened thread would help spotting issues, if you can do that too, that would be a nice help.

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