Latest stays highlighted while in Unanswered


When here:
Clicking between Latest and Unanswered, Latest stays highlighted.
I know looking at the users column, with only one user listed implies where you are, but…:roll_eyes:
It has been like this for so long I bet there was a pool betting on how long it would take some OCD yahoo to bring it up!

Thanks .

ps Who won the pool?


I can confirm this.

I am using the Dark theme.


Thanks Strit. It works as expected with Manjaro. However the (base) versions don’t have Unanswered, nor does Pantone 18-8383.

I’m using Manjaro Dark as well.


This is because “Unanswered” is really just a link to “Latest” but with a parameter of “with no replies”. It’s not a standard part of Discourse, but something I added a while back (thread is somewhere…).

Not sure why Unanswered isn’t present in all themes… that’s a bit weird. I might just need to split it out as a theme element.


Thanks for the explanation jonathon, and thanks for all you do. :smile:


OK, “Unanswered” should now be visible in all themes, though it still won’t be highlighted when clicked on… :slightly_frowning_face:


Check Manjaro (base) and Manjaro Dark (base) when you have time… :slight_smile:

Thanks jonathon.


now unanswered is missing entirely (dark base theme)