Latest Stable Linux Kernel

Would it be at all possible to have the latest stable kernel installed when you install manjaro through normal ways??

I great benefit that i can see is that that kernel will have new hardware drivers available for new hardware. as a use case. i just a new laptop computer and i couldn't install manjaro at all. i had to resort to arch linux

I don't think it is feasible to have multiple kernels installed on an ISO. Not only the space but the tools used to generate a Manjaro ISO does not support multiple kernels.

With 18.1.11 - the naming of ISO images has changed to include the kernel used for a given ISO so you - just by looking at the filename - know which kernel is used. Then intention of this naming scheme has been made for this .

I am am maintaining the Openbox Edition - if you need a newer kernel - check the Openbox download section at OSDN.

Manjaro Architect is available on all ISOs, making it possible to install whichever edition you like using any bootable Manjaro ISO.

Openbox will often be available with the latest stable kernel.


you can install the metapackage linux-lts which will keep the system on the newest LTS kernel as soon as it is considered stable. (Meaning most likely not before release .5 or something like that.)

For install media, you will have to go the way that @linux-aarhus mentioned.

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