Latest kernel/firmware update broke system

When I updated my system yesterday it upgraded my kernel to the 5.9 realtime kerknel. I had been using the 5.6 rt kernel. It automativaly updated to 5.9. After that I booted to a black screen. This is because this old computer uses the nvidia 340xx drivers which apparently are not supported in kernel 5.9-rt.

The firmware update 20201113.xx also broke the screen.

I ran Timeshift from the command line to undo the kernel and firmware update and am running just fine again on the 5.6 real time kernel. The firmware update also properly rolled back to the 20201023.xx version. Thank goodness for Timeshift.

But now I am no longer seeing the 5.6 real time kernel listed in the settings menu. This is making me real nervous. What happens on the next update?

What do I do at this point? How do I avoid additional firmware updates, for one thing?

It might not fix 5.6 showing up but if you have the linux-latest package installed uninstall it and it won’t move you to the latest kernel again. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can help with 5.6 not showing up

Good thought! I have been thinking that since I am not a gamer and am losing nvidia driver support that maybe I should investigate switching to the nouveau drivers.

Out of paranoia last night, I cloned the 500 gb ssd I use, to a second spare 500 gb ssd drive.

5.6 is passed EOL in any case … I guess its possible it is so old that it is no longer showing in mhwd-kernel/MSM ?
Whatever the reason … you will need to choose a new kernel and remove 5.6

Right. Just not 5.9.

Updated the system to use the 5.4.xx kernel. All good now. One thing I learned is that unlike Mint, Manjaro uses kernel specific nvidia drivers.