Latest AMDVLK for Arch based systems

I have built the latest version of AMDVLK for Arch Linux based systems. Instead of creating a new thread for every release, from now on i will just add on to this thread and keep everything contained in a single location.

Original AMD release.

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Version 2019.Q3.1

New feature and improvement

  • Add HDR10 support for direct display mode, enable EXT_HDR_METADATA
  • Expose VK_EXT_display_surface_counter by default

Issue fix

  • MGPU app crashes when disable panel setting useSharedCmdAllocator
  • Reading wrong slice from mip 1 when a 2d array of 9 slices, 2 mips is viewed as cubemap
  • CTS test failure with dEQP-VK.wsi..surface.query_devgroup_present_modes, dEQP-VK.memory_model. and dEQP-VK.clipping.user_defined.clip_cull_distance*fragmentshader_read
  • Access violation when destroying Image objects
  • Crashes with two different ASICs installed
  • RGP test failure

Version 2019.Q3.2

New feature and improvement

  • Add Navi10 support
  • Enable shader writes for alphaToCoverageEnable when attachment is set to VK_ATTACHMENT_UNUSED
  • Change reported driver UUID from pal major/minor version (and timestamp on Linux) to AMD-LINUX-DRV

Issue fix

  • vkGetShaderInfoAMD cannot get first shader stage disassembly code

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