Latest 2-14-22 update causes boot failure

After updating my Rock64, the boot process freezes after the splash screen appears. Booting from an older copy is fine.

Press Escon splash screen to see the logs.

Please share those logs.

Sorry for the delay spikerguy, I got sidetracked with a Rock 3A. So after I hit the “esc” a list of items flew by the screen too quickly to read. As far as I could see, there was an OK at each of them. I have not found a way to store that output, or if it is stored in logs? Anyway, to my suprise, after that it booted to the Manjaro “Bamboo” desktop. I’ll post again in a few days, to see if this continues. Thanks for the reply!

@spikerguy After the first successful boot, I attemped to reboot, then powerdown and reboot, several times always hitting the “esc” key and watching the output I saw nothing that looked like an error, but the process froze at the manjaro splash screen.

Hope you have a good. Power supply.

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Very good Power. Using a bench supply rated at 10 amps. As originally stated. I can copy an older download of the image (Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-rock64-21.12.img) to mSD and it boots fine again, it’s after the updates recomended that it fails to boot.

This is for Rock64 or Rock3A ?

Bench supply rated at 10 amps. As stated, it boots fine on a freshly imaged mSD. I’ve re-imaged several different mSD’s all with the same result. I’ve rebooted several times before starting updates with no issue, then after updates (all 320 which takes some time) it freezes at the splash screen.
At the end of the update this time I see a Warning stating “Error while configuring manjaro-arm-keyring” and “A restart is required for the changes to take effect.”

Rock 64, (I may have copy/pasted the wrong img name) if so sorry for confusion. I’m exploring both. )
I’ve reimaged the mSD and booted successfully several times; after initiating the updates, it freezes after the screen goes from the first splash (a teal screen with the Manjaro logo in the middle.(did I say this is with the Plasma desktop?) , to dark, to splash, to dark to splash, then freeze. (Hope that is a good discription)
So in an effort to clarify, I started over clean today, using Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-rock64-21.10 image on a fresh mSD. Imeadiately after the install the package manager reported there were 430 updates available. I ignored that for the sake of testing re-boots. I restarted from the menu twice successfully. I then did a shutdown, and a hard reboot, also successfully. After starting the updates, this time I received a message window saying “failed to prepare transaction” then "conflicting dependencies:
-plasma-5themes-breath and plasma5-themes-breath2 are in conflict. I clicked on close and tried again with the same result.

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Please try a new 22.02 image. 21.12/21.10 are old.

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Thanks Strit. I downloaded and installed 22.02. It came up fine and reported the system “up to date”. I guess we’ll see if it behaves when updated occur. Thank you all for all your help and work for those of us who can only wish we had your level of talent! I owe you all a beer :beers:

OOPS, That one did the same thing on a cold boot. It gets to a point where on the screen I see the Manjaro logo, and the “progress bar” under it stops just under the “r”, then all stop.
Second try, after hitting the esc key it booted. Third attempt I did not hit the esc key it was like the first. 4th attempt, hit the escape key, same outcome. All stop…

Today I re-imaged the mSD using 20.02 with essentially the same results. To re-iterate; On the initial startup, the setup window appears, after inputing the needed information, and clicking “done” the system (warm) boots, showing a normal “bamboo” screen. After shutdown/powerdown, the boot stalls as discribed previously. The only thing I can add is that both the red and white leds go dark.

I tried the 22.04 Plasma image today with basically the same results. The Rock64 booted on the install, installed updates, then when I tried a restart from the menu, (like the last image) instead of shutting down and restarting when I clicked the restart now icon, it just froze. After manual reset, it (slowly) started the boot process, until the progress bar got to the “r” under “manjaro” on the splash screen, and stopped. This time the white led stayed on, instead of both going dark (as with 20.02). FYI if it helps, this is a Ver 2.0 board.
Part II:
After the above actions, I installed the 20.04 Gnome image. It installed and booted fine.
I then shut down the Rock64 and restarted: it booted fine.
I then allowed 2 pending updates to occur: after which it booted fine.
I then selected restart from the shutdown menu (warm boot): it booted fine.
From this it would appear something in the KDE Plasma gui is causing the boot to fail.
But wait folks, there’s more…
At the beginning of all this I installed an image of Debian10 which functioned well. Because I’m a fan of gui’s, using an online tutorial, I installed KDE;s Plasma. It installed successfully, booted fine, and was used successfully. At this point some might say "OK, you have an OS what’s the problem. The answer is that the one I prefer doesn’t work. Being unsure where to go from here, I’ll stick with the Gnome gui for now, but not knowing the answer to this puzzle bugs me.

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