Last update of tlp - battery won't charge - laptop gone

Yesterday I did an update (breath theme and tlp - the linux power management). Since then the battery of my laptop (Lenovo V340) stopped charging. I tried two different Lenovo chargers - nothing.

So one hour ago my laptop stopped working. I plug in the charger but nothing is happening - I can’t even start the laptop. And I can’t change the battery - it’s built-in. So: my laptop is gone forever. I guess I have to buy a new one. I won’t blame Manjaro for that … but it is so sad :’( I need this laptop for my work!

Neither Manjaro changes nor upstream changes to tlp would have caused that. Sounds like a hardware issue.

If you disagree, uninstall tlp and your issue will be magically solved, right? :wink:

Please post your system information as outlined here:

Sorry but it will be difficult to post any information about my Laptop as it isn’t possible to boot it up. As you said - it must be a hardware issue. Maybe it is the charger or the battery …

Update: the charger is working. And the battery of the Laptop isn’t available anymore. So I cannot repair it. We can close this issue.

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