Last update Broke Local - Provisioning error

Ran Local and got error with Provisioning … turns out that was deprecated and removed, if this happens to you , you wont be able to load your Local sites… You can fix by installing libxcrypt-compat from the AUR… Will report to Local as well.

What exactly is Local?

FYI, libxcrypt-compat is in the core repo, not the AUR.

Local is what they are calling Local-by-Flywheel these days, its a like a GUI with Lampl attached to host a website locally on your computer without hooking it to the internet (like for staging purposes)… It’s an easy way to develop sites using Wordpress.

Yeah, I was looking at lib32-libxcrypt-compat when I commented on AUR… I installed libxcrypt-compat ( which as you said is in core) to the system and it fixed the provisioning issue… Long nite and crappy glasses.

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