Large update fails when dependencies can't be met

Today it says there are 600+ updates. But, any attempt to update fails because one or more of the 600 has unmet dependencies.

I’ve run into this before and have never figured out how to deal with it.

Is there some way to say “update everything you can”?

Or should I just wait few days to see if it works itself out?

I think that’s the best. The update was just released today. The f9iles have probably not propagated yet. (Is that word even correct there?)

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No, but you can say: ignore package XY for now, so you can solve it afterwards.

pamac upgrade --ignore package1,package2,package3

But note: A partial upgrade can lead to a broken installation.

Depends on what you installed. AUR involved? Then you have to solve the conflicts, especelly when you replaced system packages form the official Repo with AUR ones.


Unfortunately, I’ve never seen a list of the packages that need to be ignored. It says package x needs y. That’s all well and good for one or two, but, I’ve gone until I get to so many and just give up.

I only have one or two from AUR, so those are easy to isolate. And, they aren’t system packages.

And what do you expect us to do? Either post full preformatted output or good luck.

No package needs to be ignored, ever.

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I’d “isolate” them by temporarily completely removing them before the update.
They may have dependencies which you don’t need without them - complicating the update or make it difficult for you to see through the “mess”.

Post the output that you yourself can’t interpret - other people can.

Output of sudo pacman -Syu or no reason to continue posting.


Look: package x requests package y, therefore package y is the problem. You need to ignore package x, so that package y will not be requested. Easy?

And yes I agree: without a log or terminal output none can help, only help to understand it in general.

So no one will pull anything out of you here. You have to be able to describe your problem in detail with evidence.


If you have a lot of repository packages to update it would be better to not update AUR packages at the same time

pamac update --no-aur