Large icons in top bar and start menu

After the most recent stable update and a restart, all icons in the start menu and top bar have become much larger than normal. The scaling in the display settings is of the same size as normal. How do I restore to the normal state?

[2021-04-10T14:12:20+0530] [ALPM] upgraded matcha-gtk-theme (20210204-1 -> 20210409-2)

Just found this in pamac logs. I think this is what caused it. I will try downgrading.

How do I downgrade this package?

Downgrading packages - Manjaro This does not list the older version nor do I have it in my cache.

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Ok, so what I did was go to an old unsynced mirror that had the version I wanted and ran installed that package.

For anyone who wants the older version of the matcha-gtk-theme, here you go:

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