Laptop suspending on login screen even when set to not do it

My setup is a little different than normal, when I'm home I use my laptop always closed and plugged into an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, and have checked in the BIOS the option to turn it on when plugging into power, so I don't have to open the lid and press the button every time.

I have set my laptop screen to just turn off when closed, not suspending the system and being able to use it the way I want, but every time I turn the system on it boots like normal, reaches the login screen for a couple of seconds, and then the system suspends before I can login, forcing me to open the lid to login and just then I can use the system. I also tried having automatic login turned on, and it works, but when set like that it doesn't recognize the laptop screen as being closed, also forcing me to open the lid and close it back again.

I just switched from Pop_OS to Manjaro a couple of days ago and in Pop this setup just worked without any issues, so now I wonder what I need to do in order to be able to stop the system from suspending itself like that.

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