Laptop support for Manjaro

I will be going to school shortly and I’m considering buying a laptop before I leave. Is there a specific laptop that would have good compatibility or support for Manjaro on? I eventually want to dual-boot, with Manjaro KDE as my main OS but with Windows secondarily if I need to run proprietary software like Premiere. I wasn’t quite sure where to ask a general question but this seems like the most appropriate place. Thanks for your help!

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Hello and welcome,

This is not so

On the other hand, Manjaro is partner with some manufacturers and shops. More here:
If you are going by that, and chose to by from them, then is an exception to the rule above, and we can provide more information if the one on the site is not conclusive for you.
For dual boot from the same drive, Windows has to be installed first to avoid hassle …

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