Laptop no longer boots after update, stuck on "Manjaro clean" boot screen with no errors

After successfully applying today’s latest Manjaro snapshot and doing a clean restart, I’m having a new issue with my laptop: It’s refusing to boot any more. There are no visible error messages, it’s just stuck on the black screen with the usual Manjaro clean: #/# files, #/# blocks message and a blinking _ under it.

I can use Control + Alt + F2 to switch to the second TTY and login as root. What should I look for to understand why the system is no longer booting? Since I don’t know how to mount my USB stick to transfer logs and post them here, I may have have to take photos of the screen to show any output.

I think you referring to Manjaro latest stable release update, not snapshot.

You doing snapshots for rolling your system back or creating a snapshot from your system with Timeshift for example :wink:

One option to find out whats going, could be to remove quiet from grub and sudo update-grub after it.

When you reboot after that you see a checklist.

Yes, what I meant is the latest Manjaro update after sudo pacman -Syu. I can press E to edit the boot time command in Grub, but I’m not seeing the quiet flag anywhere in the default boot parameters, so unless it’s something else maybe it’s off?

On the plus side, it seems I can reach the login screen by going to the Advanced options section and picking kernel 6.1 instead of 6.8. I’ll try installing 6.9 which I was about to do after rebooting and see if that freezes as well: Maybe it’s just a specific kernel issue that will fix itself with the latest version.

Then boot in 6.1 and show us your inxi and journal.

Installing Kernel 6.9 seems to have fixed the problem: I can now boot successfully and reach the login screen and log in. Thanks for the advice!

What likely happened is because I haven’t updated my laptop in nearly an year since I rarely use it, I piled on a lot of updates at once today. One mistake was rebooting before installing a newer kernel: Plasma 6 or some other component might no longer be working well with a kernel as old as 6.1 which is what must have been causing it.

Highly doubt it.

But given your half dozen other issue threads and the systems zombie-like state, and whatever else you have done in between… it may be hard to guess what the actual issue was.

But linux kernel 6.1 should not break plasma 6.

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