Laptop, Enable Nvidia GPU in BIOS freeze the machine

Hi, new to Manjaro.

My laptop is lenovo ideapad 720s, with i7-8550U with an Nvidia MX150 GPU on board.
I just fresh installed KDE Manjaro with Nvidia GPU disabled in BIOS setting. Everything is fine and the OS is smooth and great.

The problem is that I can not enable the GPU in BIOS. If I do so, system can boot and I can login to manjaro, but then machine just freezes, and I cannot do anything but long press power button to force shutdown.

Anyone use similar laptop with intel + Nvidia GPU? How to deal with that? Any advice can be great!

Once you enable the dGPU in BIOS, can you boot the live media install?
There are a couple of posts about Ideapad 720s
but at first view it seems that have AMD GPU ... ?!?!

Have a look how to chroot the installation from live media

and then decide the way you want to use the machine, chose one of the solutions for optimus laptops from here

Or simply reinstall with the dGPU enabled and start from there with the Options for Nvidia Optimus.

This helps. Thanks!

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