Laptop does not shutdown/sleep

After recent change of nvme storage and rams my laptop does not shutdown and wakes up from sleep immidiatelly. Both on windows and Linux.
I have tried to update bios, disabled everything that might boot my laptop there.
I have disabled everything in /proc/acpi/wakeup
I have added lines to grub for acpi force power off. None helps.
Is there a way to mimic power button hold for shutdown from os side?
Is there a way to see what wakes it up?
Windows event viewer for wake up source shows unknown and journalctl doesn’t indicate anything…

This is possibly a hardware error - impossible to say.

The system daemon control has several commands for this

$ systemctl -h
....System Commands:
  is-system-running                   Check whether system is fully running
  default                             Enter system default mode
  rescue                              Enter system rescue mode
  emergency                           Enter system emergency mode
  halt                                Shut down and halt the system
  poweroff                            Shut down and power-off the system
  reboot                              Shut down and reboot the system
  kexec                               Shut down and reboot the system with kexec
  exit [EXIT_CODE]                    Request user instance or container exit
  switch-root ROOT [INIT]             Change to a different root file system
  suspend                             Suspend the system
  hibernate                           Hibernate the system
  hybrid-sleep                        Hibernate and suspend the system
  suspend-then-hibernate              Suspend the system, wake after a period of
                                      time, and hibernate

Systemctl power off have the same effect, it starts again at once