Laptop blacked out, unresponsive during/after 19-11-2021 OS update

So about 15 mins after I started the latest update on my Tuxedo Infinitybook 14, I came back to it being entirely unresponsive, black screen. I could tell it was in Standby (not powered off) only from the green LED blinking. It doesn’t respond to holding the power button for 2 secs, which would normally wake it from Standby.
Now I gather you’re not supposed to hard power down your device (long-press the power button) in that situation, right (we get dumb-shamed in this forum a lot for that)? But what else can you do if it doesn’t respond to anything?

I am experiencing a similar issue. However, I don’t put it on standby but just turn off the screen.

It could be kernel or config related. Unsure which logs I should sew, though.

See [HowTo] reboot / turn off your frozen computer: REISUB/REISUO

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So I needed to use the laptop again before any responses were posted and with eyes closed, gritted teeth I hard-powered it off (long press on power button), and luckily it was fine, no problem at reboot.
This specific update caused a lot of similar problems though, judging by the issues posted after it rolled out. Need to be more careful with the big ones. I think Manjaro should try to make them smaller, easier to test I guess…

Have you tried going to another tty?

If you can, try logging in and type

loginctl unlock-session

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That’s also a good suggestion, although I have tried that. When I said

I actually meant anything. No key presses, mouseclicks or power button (short press)

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