Laptop appears to be capable of more than 8Gig of RAM

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this.

I ran sudo inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width

Type: Laptop System: Notebook product: W54_W94_W955TU,-T,-C v: N/A
serial: N/A Chassis: type: 10 serial: N/A
Mobo: Notebook model: W54_W94_W955TU,-T,-C v: V1.0 serial: N/A
UEFI-[Legacy]: American Megatrends v: 5.6.5 date: 08/14/2014

RAM: total: 7.65 GiB used: 2.85 GiB (37.3%)
Array-1: capacity: 64 GiB slots: 2 EC: None max-module-size: 32 GiB
note: est.
Device-1: A1_DIMM0 type: DDR3 detail: N/A size: 8 GiB speed: 1333 MT/s
volts: min: 10.776 max: 47.184 width (bits): data: 64 total: 64
manufacturer: A-DATA part-no: N/A serial:
Device-2: A1_DIMM1 type: no module installed

in particular the following

Array-1: capacity: 64 GiB slots: 2 EC: None max-module-size: 32 GiB

My question to anyone who might know. Does this actually mean I can use up to 64 Gig, or is there something else that limits this machine to 8Gig.

********* NOTE:: I just answered my own question.

the Intel Pentium N3540 supports a Max of 8Gig.

Oh well. There goes thatidea.

And I think that will be it.

Btw, I am on a 2014 intel i7 clevo gaming lap (you may have bought it under a different brand) with 3x8gb max. Your model seems to have been aimed at the bottom end, in probably a smaller case, since the Pentium N3540 is the successor of the intel atom series of low power ‘office’ cpu.

On the other hand, try to put a second module in the empty slot, I’ve never seen the max ram being allowed to sit in a single slot, I would rather think if one 8gb works in slot one than 2x8 will work. That would also match my 8gb max/slot of my 2014 clevo. But maybe there’s only one slot, have you had it open?

Crucial says: About your W955TU

Your computer’s memory capability:

Maximum memory: 8GB
Slots: 1 (1 bank of 1)

No I’ve never checked. I live in a Bus (Motor Home), There isn’t much room for taking things apart.

Yeah it’s a Clevo, though. There’s a company in Sydney Australia, that builds them under the Pioneer DreamBook brand. You can get them with No OS, Ubuntu, or for an extra $186.00, Windows Home Edition, about $200.00 for Windows Pro.Edition.

Clevos are made to be user accessible, they also used to keep their warranty when this was done. The memory should be under a flap at the bottom. Looks like this on mine, memory on the left, drive under separate flap on the right. 2 slots, one occupied by 1x8GB:

To release/change the module push the little catches outward. Basically, if there are 4 of those then you can put 2 modules in.

Thanks, I’ll try to make some time to check it out.