Laggy/jittery window resizing with particular windows

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that resizing windows seems to be slow and jittery/inconsistent. It is not the smooth and constant motion found when moving windows around.

Here’s a clip demonstrating this issue with Thunderbird and then with Firefox (it is heavily compressed but is in 60 fps):

Effected applications:

  • Firefox (only with 4k monitor)
  • Thunderbird
  • Timeshift
  • System Settings (to a lesser extent)

It’s interesting to me that Firefox seems to only experience this issue when using a 4k monitor, or if I have a very large number of tabs that have to be shifted back and forth (although in this instance the issue is in a much milder form and seems perfectly reasonable when compared to the above clip with the problem at its worst).

However, resizing Okular is perfectly smooth (not shown in clip)! Dolphin and Konsole also seem to work just fine. This issue only seems to occur with certain applications.

Notice how resizing both Thunderbird and Firefox is very jittery. At the end of the clip I move the window around to demonstrate expected smoothness. This issue is unrelated to the “snap zone” setting in System Settings → Window Management.

My GPU and CPU are not the bottlenecks here and monitoring their usages looks fine when resizing windows. I was idling my machine during these tests.

I’m not running any custom themes, just plain Manjaro KDE as far as I’m aware. I’m using the Breeze Dark global theme, if that is relevant. I have two 4k screens, I’m going to try and test on a lower resolution monitor at some point as unsure if that is the issue. and the running my machine on a 1920x1200 monitor seemed to reduce the problem significantly, although it is still definitely there.