Lacking privilege to access my encrypted USB Stick (ext4, luks)

Some years ago I formatted a USB stick ext4, encrypted it (luks) to save my pgp and smime private keys; at that time I had Ubuntu; later I switched to Linux Mint, before I chose Manjaro - my current Linux system.

Both from Ubuntu and from Linux Mint I can open the encrypted stick, but not in Manjaro! Thunar aks for the encryption password, then tells me that I don’t have the required privileges.

Playing around, I discovered that I can open the stick with thunar-root or sudo pcmanfm.

Why does Manjaro refuse to open for a non-sudo user?

I guess it is because of a polkit rule that prevent a user from mounting. You need to relax the permissions for your user, but no idea how exactly, but I found this old archlinux thread: [SOLVED] LUKS file container permissions with thunar / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums

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