Lack of ways a person can set the resolution manually

After searching your forum (and thinking it would be a lost cause) I ran across a post that told about using “Setcustomres”. First time I’ve had hope. However, the program would not work now. I am somewhat hardheaded and single minded so I set out to go through ALL the programs in the repositories that might do something similar. I happened upon “Custom Screen Resolution” and decided to try it. It takes a bit of work but in the end, it DOES work. 1900x1200 is my normal default but was only getting 800x600. Needless to say that is kinda hard to work with. But “CSR”, which works with and is part of xrandr (which I couldn’t get to work as it was) made my resolution return to 1900x1200. JOY! :sweat_smile:

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The current (since about 15 years) approach is to scale the items on screen bigger, not to change the native resolution. It looks better. So…there is no actual need for such programs. You can still do it editing configs or in the command line, if you really need it.

Thank you for your reply. Actually, I needed to go smaller. One word would take up the entire screen (side to side). But it’s ok. I can now see my screen and will write a script and put it in “startup” so it executes and makes my screen the correct size. Nothing else has worked.

I understand that xrandr supposedly works with X11 only. You haven’t specifically mentioned whether you are using Wayland or X11, however, I presume Wayland. Under Wayland, the GUI tools handle all required for setting resolutions - Look in System SettingsDisplay & Monitor.

Multiple monitors can also be configured via the GUI, though I can’t comment much on that aspect, being that I only have a need for single displays. However, scroll down a few posts, and you will find @nikgnomic has provided a link to XFCE4 Display Settings, which may be useful.


Thanks for your reply soundofthunder. I will check and see tomorrow because I am formatting a raid array tonight. And gotta sleep sometime (lol). But again thanks. I try to research and maybe use all the suggestions I can.


You may look at wlr-randr (in extra) that is a substitute of xrand on wayland.


If you don’t mind me asking, what didn’t work with the setcustomres script?

Because from what I understand, your problem is exactly what I wrote setcustomres for :sweat_smile:

I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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If OP is using Xfce, unlikely to be using Wayland

Xinput will NOT display anything close to any devices I actually have - #4 by linux-aarhus

Wayland on Xfce is experimental at best

xfce:xfce4-settings:4.16:display [Xfce Docs]
xrandr - ArchWiki

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Admittedly, it’s been a while since using XFCE. I had presumed Wayland adoption would have progressed at least as far as it has with BSD. I just had a quick look at the roadmap; clearly I was mistaken.

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