Lack of saving session manually

I’d like to save my session manually but I cannot see this option during shutdown system.

I set Desktop Session option to Restore manually saved session ‘on Login’

But I cannot see how to save session. According to what I found it should be in Leave menu.

So I’d like to ask for help: how to save session manually?

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64 
Host: Vostro 3550 
Kernel: 5.7.14-1-MANJARO 
Shell: bash 5.0.18 
Resolution: 1366x768, 1920x1080 
DE: Plasma 5.19.4 
WM: KWin 

Btw, I wanted to attach printscreens but: Sorry, you can't embed media items in a post.

After you hit Apply for manual save … then it shoud be available in the Leave section of the Menu … ex:

It does not appear for you ?

It appears. I marked this option but I don’t have option: Save Session when I click Leave in right click menu. I have: Sleep, Hibernate, Restart, Shut down, Log out. But I don’t have Save Session there.
(I use Simple Menu)

I’d like refresh topic to ask you for conclusion:

  • Is it possible to Save Session manually if Simple Menu widget is used?

  • if yes then how it can be done? :smiley:

To save session it is possible to do it in console:
$qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer saveCurrentSession

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