kwinFT working well!

I got brave and switched to the KwinFT window manager. Seems snappier. No problems. But you might have to move panels back to their right place on the screen after first initialization.:slightly_smiling_face:

No big deal.

I am using the Nouveau driver instead of Nvidia, which is not supported for my card. Also using the 5.15x kernel.

I just discovered that KwinFT puts xrender back into the system. I am happy to see this as it was what I preferred before the big KDE update.


I have just done the same. The desktop cube us indispensable to the way I work. I also use Linux Mint (19.3) that has a desktop cube extension that is fairly OK(Cinnamon) but is not the same as that found in KDE.
Glad to have it back after I made a rude discovery that it had been removed in an update.
Its absence was making me look at different distros. (Manjaro is one of the best I’ve ever used…-, even more lovable with the rotating desktop…which has a great deal of utility other than aesthetics.

MacBook Pro Mid-2015. 15", Intel i7 4770 HQ 16GB, Intel Iris Pro Graphics


Wow. Way cool.

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I just installed Wrapland, which I should have done from the git-go, no pun intended.

Suddenly I can play stupid Facebook videos in Firefox, which I was not able to do before. :smiley: