Kwin-tiling settings don't appear to be working

Having just installed an ultrawide monitor, I want to tidy up the window placement a little, so I’ve installed kwin-scripts-tiling-git from the AUR. While the windows are tiled, and I can adjust the Layout, any other settings do not appear to be working. For example, I want the main window to use two thirds of the desktop, I set the “Default Master Width” to 66%. Yet opening additional windows and the master is always 50%. The Gaps settings also have zero affect. Am I missing something?

Are there any other “maintained” tiling managers that I should try out?

Have you considered the possibility that 50% could be the maximum?

By the way, this doesn’t even remotely have anything to do with #support:network, so I’m moving this to #desktop-environments:Plasma.

Sorry about that, I selected the plasma sub-thread but an earlier aborted post must have taken precedence.

I’ve come to the conclusion that kwin-tiling is just broken. I replaced it with krohnkite and everything works as expected (except for on secondary desktops).