Kwin bug (?) preventing some apps from using Picture-in-Picture mode

Hello, everyone.
I’m using Telegram Desktop with my Manjaro KDE (last updated on 07.11.2020). There is a problem with Picture-in-Picture mode: whenever Telegram main window loses focus, so does PiP floating screen (it should stay on top).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install the latest Telegram Desktop from their GitHub page:;
  2. Log into your account;
  3. Open this post from their official channel;
  4. Click on video to open it, then press “PiP” icon to activate picture-in-picture mode;
  5. Click on some other application or on desktop (clicking on taskbar is not affected, though).

Expected behavior: you can switch to any other application and still see PiP window on your screen (like with YouTube in Firefox).
Actual behavior: When Telegram main window loses focus, the PiP screen disappears but doesn’t destroy, since you can hear sound from the video.

I’ve reported this bug in Telegram’s issue tracker and they say it’s a kwin bug.

Hi, then just report it to KDE?

I guess you’re right and this is not a proper place for this bug report. Sorry!

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