KVM Switch Box causing to loose monitors on the secondary PC while rebooting

I have a Dual Port, DisplayPort KVM Switch Box, and while I am working on one PC, let’s say PC “A”, and if PC “B” is rebooting, PC “B” will loose the monitors.

Is there a way to make these monitors permanent? Because I think that PC thinks that the monitors have been disconnected from PC “B” and therefore is removing them from the display configuration.

I have no intention of buying new monitors for the next 5 years, so if I could hard-code these monitors so that I don’t loose them between reboots, but how can I do that?


May be: ex-changing the monitor connections (or ports of the kvm) so that the faster monitor wins?
(had this problem 8 years ago afaik).

What I meant was that if the PC that is not actively displaying to the monitor, is rebooting, it will loose the monitors.

So what happens, if you connect PC “A” to the port pc “B” is connected, and connect PC “B”
to the port where PC “A” was formerly connected?? (Anschlüsse vertauschen).
Is there any possibility to configure the KVM-Switch?
Or configuration of the Monitors (waiting time until going to Standby - then the KVM thinks, oh no, no monitor present and resigns…

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That would be a switchbox issue - nothing you can force the operating system to do.


@GaVenga when I switched to PC “B” both monitors were dead. And then I put the DP cables from PC “B” straight in the monitors and monitors started working just fine.

This is a pretty dumb switch. There is nothing to configure.

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@linux-aarhus You are correct. I did the test @GaVenga mentioned and that proved that this KVM switch sucks.
This is TK-240DP (Version v1.1R) from TRENDnet.
( https://www.trendnet.com/support/support-detail.asp?prod=255_TK-240DP#specifications )

Is there a better KVM switch model or maybe a brand with a history of making good KVM’s for LINUX? Can you please recommend?

I used this 7 years ago without problems:
EDIT german source:

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